Online deals

I read a while ago, that the ‘Silk Road’ site was taken down & the operator has been prosecuted & sentenced to very lengthy prison term.. because the site was allegedly focused on ‘Online deals’ (illegal drugs).

As an offshoot, I recently discovered that a ‘wide-ranging’ online sales site in Aotearoa/NZ had ‘Elixinol’ (the supposed ‘one-off approved’ CBD oil) for sale; (start bid $500). This ‘drug’ was passed for a medicinal treatment, by the Govt… BUT the Cannabinoid Oil, is sold (without prescription) in USA as a ‘Dietary supplement’. It says on the USA company site, that it can be bought online, but only to countries or states that have appropriate legislation to allow it. The NZ site states that the seller ‘purchased three & has one unused packet left’ & shows the USA website where the oil can be purchased.. IF it is supposedly ‘illegal’ in NZ, why is this site openly advertising it for sale ?

This just shows how ridiculous this whole issue has become ! :/

I have not looked further, but just wonder is this the only case of ‘illegal drugs’ being bought & sold, via the internet in/out & around of this country ? I Doubt it !!

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