TV Pub Politics

I watched the latest edition of ‘Backbenches’ (NZ TV Pub Politics) last evening. They had a panel of three current MPS: 1 from the Govt., 1 from the main opposition party & 1 from a ‘minor opposition party’. One topic of discussion was the recent announcement of a specialist Doctor calling for MDMA (Ecstasy) to be legalised. The Doctor was also in the pub & was interviewed. He made the following points (paraphrased) :

1) MDMA was once a widely used pharmaceutical, used to treat mental illness & mental trauma in war veterans.

2) Alcohol IS by far, the most harmful ‘social drug’. He stated that at the hospital A&E dept. he works at.. for every person admitted for a problem relating to ‘illegal drugs’ about 10 present for Alcohol problems. It could be said that 10 times more people use/abuse alcohol, but this is NOT true !

3) Adults should have other (less harmful) ‘social drug’ options besides legal Alcohol. He mentioned that most of the ‘street E-tabs’ were not actually MDMA & as a result of not really knowing what you are purchasing, those who do present for problems with ‘ecstasy’ may well have taken something else completely.

The political panel, all said they had never tried MDMA, but one said that ‘I didn’t inhale’ (when asked about any illegal drug use.. suggesting that, like Pres. Clinton.. she may have tried cannabis ?) BUT all three said they were non-committal on any Drug Law reform.

No wonder that Aotearoa/NZ is lagging behind many other OECD/Western countries on this issue, when the politicians all just refuse to look outside the box or ‘remove the blinkers’. I also find it fascinating that nearly every NZ politician would have use believe they have never tried Cannabis, in a country that has amongst the highest use rates in the world. Most politicians have attended University & my advice is that since the 1960s NZ universities have had very high levels of ‘drug experimentation’ rates.. so I would say to most of them: “BULLSHIT that they have never tried it !”

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