Cancer relief is ILLEGAL

I watched a TV news story last evening.. a man in Aotearoa/NZ is using ‘illegal cannabis’ to make an oil (self medication) to relieve his suffering from terminal cancer. Whilst he admitted that it was not intended as any kind of cure, it did relieve his pain & was more favourable to legally available pharmaceutical drugs. He stated that using this cannabis oil, he has already surpassed the time that doctors gave him to live.

The man said he was extremely disappointed with the attitude that the Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ is taking to medicinal cannabis.. in light of expanding use overseas; in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. The man lives with the ongoing possibility of being arrested & prosecuted, at any time for his ‘illegal activity’.

I call on the Govt. to ‘get off your hands’ & stop this nonsense. Surely any person with a terminal illness should be given an exemption to use cannabis, if it gives them; therapeutic benefit !

The minister talks about ‘Harm minimisation’ BUT the reality is this outdated, irrational policy is causing ‘Harm MAXIMISATION’ 😦

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