a few thoughts..

In light of recent issues in Aotearoa/NZ around Medicinal Cannabis: (really going nowhere, FAST)

1) The NZ Law Commission released a report into the ‘Misuse of drugs act 1975’ (current legislation) a few years ago. The report recommended : Medicinal trials & ‘decriminalisation’ of small amounts for personal use, amongst many other ideas. The Govt. ‘cherry-picked’ only the items that made no real effect ie NO relaxing of drug laws.

2) The ‘movement’ is fractured enough, but the recent discussions about Medicinal use, seems to have actually made this worse (divide & conquer ?)

3) The majority of activists I know or have read about, do support Medicinal use as well as other uses. BUT many ‘power-brokers’ & commentators are saying, it’s just being used as an EXCUSE to legalise ‘recreational use’. I look overseas & see that this may have occurred, in varying degrees, BUT with proper legislation, there is no reason to think it is inevitable.

BUT the bottom-line (to my mind) is this current Govt. do not really support law reform (as is happening in many OECD countries).. for whatever reasons. They talk about looking into ‘issues occurring overseas’ & other reviews/recommendations.. BUT ignore the parts that would lead to allowing ‘leaf/bud natural cannabis’ for ANY uses. They say things like ‘we have enough problems with Alcohol/tobacco’ & ‘it will send the wrong message to youth’ etc. They make the excuse that smoking it is more harmful than tobacco (WRONG)& never mention that smoking it is not the only option (eg oral ingestion of Oils/food & vapourisation)
BUT they ignore the facts; that most of the negative social issues around cannabis are CAUSED by Prohibition (as it once did in 1920s USA with Alcohol). It’s ALL just total MISINFORMATION !

“feeling like a stuck record AGAIN !!!” 😦

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