Bali 15 years Jail

I just heard on the TV news that a NZ man, who was caught with about 2Kgs of methamphetamine.. has been sentenced to 15 years jail in Bali Indonesia. The story goes, that he met a lady online & agreed to meet her face to face in Bali. He was told to collect a bag, with her possessions (not checked by him) from her friend in Hong Kong & take it to Bali. When he arrived in Bali, the customs discovered the contents were in fact; Pure Crystal Methamphetamines. As with another infamous (now paroled) Aust. Cannabis smuggler.. the bag containing the drugs was not fingerprinted, to confirm he had any contact with it. The Indonesian authorities stated that as his passport was in the bag, that is proof enough.

I guess he is lucky, that he did not get the same sentence as the recently executed ‘Bali-9’ BUT I heard it said, that his family think he may not survive 15 years in ‘Hotel K’ (the infamous Kerabokan Jail). I wish Anthony well.. :/

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