Alex – RIP

I hear from the news; that the young kiwi man, who spent a couple of months in an induced coma, for severe seizures.. then finally was given approval (at the highest level of Govt.) to be given Elixinol (CBD cannabis Oil – 18%) has passed away overnight. “Rest in Peace, Alex”. I send my condolences & best wishes to his whanau.
Whilst this is a sad outcome, I would make the following points:

1) it was accepted that this ‘drug’ was not guaranteed to either reduce his seizures or even cure them.. BUT it was said he was responding positively.

2) I wonder, was it all ‘too little, too late’. Other countries (USA, EU, Canada etc) have been allowing Medicinal cannabis for several years. Aotearoa/NZ is still effectively ‘sitting on the fence’

3) I hope this outcome, does not further bolster the ‘anti-cannabis’ brigade.. saying “I told you so” or worse

4) In Aotearoa/NZ only one cannabis drug is legally available (Sativex) which has both THC & CBD compounds. It is widely said that this drug is not suitable for epilepsy & other neurological conditions. As it is the CBD, that appears to reduce these symptoms

5) the ‘Drug’ which in USA is non-prescription & sold as a ‘dietary supplement’ only contains 18% CBD (the active cannabinoid). I read that there is another : ‘Epidiolex’ that is under trial (made by the same pharmaceutical company that makes Sativex) it contains 98% CBD.

I am hoping that this, opens the minds of our politicians, to further allow Medicinal Cannabis. The minister stated (prior to final approval) that this ‘would not set a precedent & was a one-off’. I understand that only 48 kiwis are currently prescribed Sativex, but this requires ministerial approval (highest level). Many are calling for this to be ‘relaxed’ so that registered doctors can prescribe ‘cannabis drugs’ (natural herb or extracts) to their patients who may benefit from it. It is ridiculous that Cannabis (Class C) is treated more strictly than Opiates (Class A) ! 😦

“Best wishes Rose” 🙂

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