More talk of Med. reform

I read that a NZ opposition MP is compiling/writing a ‘Private Members Bill’ to amend the current Medicinal cannabis laws. This comes in light of the recent issues surrounding the passing away of a young man, who was given approval for CBD Cannabis oil (just prior to his death). The main problem with these sort of bills, is that they are only given parliamentary attention, if drawn from a Bills ballot. The other obstacle is that most ‘opposition bills’ are often defeated by this ‘know it all’ Govt; Who appear unwilling to accept any legislative amendment, besides their own ! BUT having said all that.. I will keep my fingers crossed.

The current legislation requires all prescriptions for cannabis drugs (only Sativex is currently available in Aotearoa/NZ) to go through a three stage process: the patient’s doctor has to refer it to a specialist for consideration, then IF it ticks the boxes, is referred for final approval to the Minister. There seems to be louder calls, for this to be amended to allow doctors to prescribe these drugs without these two further approval stages. It seems totally ridiculous that Doctors can now prescribe Opiates without ‘higher approval’, but not cannabis.

The other issue that has been highlighted: Sativex is available, once it has passed these ‘hurdles’ BUT it is not covered by the Govt. drug subsidies program, that sees most drugs costing $5 per prescription. I hear that Sativex costs over $1000 (I hear it’s actually cheaper to buy the drug on the illegal black-market, & make an extract yourself).

Again; it just sounds like these ‘excessively high hurdles’ are further proof that ‘somebody’ (or a corporation ?) is trying to keep the lid on it. 😦

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