Dragging the chain

I think that Joe/Jo-kiwi believes ‘we lead the world’ on some issues eg Nuclear-free etc.
BUT there is one issue, that Aotearoa/NZ is definitely ‘DRAGGING THE CHAIN’ on : Cannabis law reform.
Whilst many other countries in the ‘western world’ are moving beyond a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach.. the power-brokers here just repeat the tired old mantra “No relaxing of drug laws’ & have in some ways increased the ‘seek & destroy’ focus, with Police working with the NZ Air-force (helicopters) to search for plantations.

There has been some recent movement on ‘Medicinal use’ BUT again.. the minister responsible has to approve any prescription of ‘cannabis extract’ (Sativex) & has ruled out any possibility of the use of the ‘natural raw bud/leaf’ (as is now occurring in USA, Canada, EU, Australia etc.)

I have heard other comments (paraphrased):

1) from a senior police commissioner ‘We will never allow Cannabis to be grown in NZ’ (btw; HEMP is now legal to grow, under license in Aotearoa/NZ)

2) recently from a senior Govt. minister ‘cannabis leads to ‘hard drugs’ & sends the wrong message to youth’ even medicinal use

3) from another minister ‘smoking cannabis is more harmful than tobacco.. we are aiming for a smoke-free NZ

4) from the minister resp. for drug law ‘the evidence for medicinal use is UNDERWHELMING’ to the latest UN meeting in Vienna

5) from the same minister ‘find a doctor who will prescribe it.. I’ll consider approving it’ (apparently many doctors in NZ seem unaware of the issue.. I asked my doctor & he replied ‘its not on the schedule’)

6) from a previous minister ‘There will be no relaxing of drug laws (whilst he was minister) as it will open the floodgates to recreational use’

All I can say to these ‘comments’ is it’s all total misinformation & “What is the real agenda ?”
I can only guess that they are, either satisfied that the status quo is doing as they require OR other ‘more powerful’ people are pulling their strings.

btw; I read that not only are, so-called ‘western countries’ looking at law reform, but also many in South America & parts of Asia too. :/

I still wonder if NZ is short for NaZi 😦

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