Just so we’re clear..

I was reading on another site, about 10 arguments to legalise cannabis.. whilst I agree with this sentiment, I think we need to look from the other direction: the arguments why NOT to maintain the ‘Status Quo’ (ie Prohibition) :

1) Prohibition was repealed as a failure in 1933 (with Alcohol in USA) as it caused more harm than it resolved, for about 14 years
2) It created a huge black-market that was run/protected by violent gangsters
3) It costs our societies $billions per year in Police, Customs, Judiciary & Prisons/’corrections’
4) Thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens are labelled as criminals (alongside murderers, rapists & other violent offenders) for little more than possession of the smallest quantity of ‘illegal drugs’ eg cannabis, coca etc.
5) It creates an atmosphere of distrust on both-sides : ‘offenders’ BUT specifically of Police
6) It creates high levels of corruption amongst Law Enforcement & ‘officials’, lining their pockets to ‘look the other way’
7) It can be a bar to employment & travel, for those who are convicted (even for possession of the smallest amount)
8) It can create alienation in society & amongst family/whanau.. labeling users as ‘DRUGGIES’ etc.
9) It creates all sorts of misinformation, including that it is somehow OK to get intoxicated on Alcohol & Tobacco, BUT there is ‘Zero-tolerance’ to all other ‘DRUGS’
10) It actually sends the signal that its OK to remove peoples ‘Freedom of Choice’ & treat them like second-class citizens
11) It creates racial tension, when ‘people of colour’ are clearly targeted by Police in the ‘WAR on DRUGS’
12) BUT mostly : Its just plain WRONG.. how can you create legislation to stop people ingesting these substances, when all you do is create a more harmful situation as a result ?

How can any rational person, think that Prohibition is working & is the right way to reduce ‘Drug related harm’ ?

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