Cannabis is NOT a ‘New Drug’

I read recently, that the reason why the NZ Minister (Resp. for Drug policy) is being so cautious about approval of Cannabis drugs, is because that is the standard requirement for ‘New Drugs’ on the pharmaceutical market.

Well all I can say is “where has he been for at least the last 50 years ?” Cannabis is NOT a ‘NEW DRUG’.. it has been used for its medicinal/therapeutic properties, around the world for 1000s of years !

I see that they have found traces of cannabis in Egyptian Pharoah’s tombs & across much of Asia too. The drug has been used in Europe for a few hundred years, including as a relief for menstrual cramps; by Queen Victoria (19th century).

According to NZ records, it was widely prescribed here too. Mother Aubert (NZ Nun 19th century) is renowned for her ‘traditional plant medicines’ (which is documented to include Cannabis)

So maybe the Minister needs to just “WAKE UP & smell the herbs” (all around him !) :/

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