Escaped again

I see on the TV news that one of Mexico’s ‘Drug kingpins’ has escaped AGAIN from prison. This is apparently the second time he has escaped. He has the gang name ‘El Chapo’ & is seen by many Mexicans as ‘a hero’, not a villain ! I am neither applauding nor condemning this man.. BUT it does seem to highlight one of the main issues of the global DRUG War; massive corruption. It is widely rumoured that ‘public officials’ may have helped his escape ?
The story said that this man ‘masterminded’ huge drug trafficking operations : Opiates, Amphetamine, Cocaine & Cannabis. He was also apparently included on an ‘official billionaire’s – RICH list’ ? *also proving that this ‘black-market’ is driven by a huge demand for these ‘illegal DRUGS’

I have often heard that this corruption is also widespread here in Aotearoa/NZ, where it is supposedly easier to get ‘illegal drugs’ in prison, than on the outside !? :/

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