Further calls Legal Med-use

I read that the calls are increasing, for legislators in Aotearoa/NZ to allow legal use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes. In light of the recent ‘one-off approval’ of CBD oil (that sadly ended with the patient passing away).. BUT; the voices do appear to be getting louder. I read that another online poll (over 1000 respondents) found 96% support Medicinal use. It was not clear if this includes the ‘natural herb’ or just pharmaceutical extracts (sativex etc.)

Again there were comments from a few about : ‘the harmful effects’ & ‘sending the wrong message to youth’ & all the familiar hysteria & misinformation. BUT; the deafening silence from the politicians.. is almost as equally ‘loud’, at this time !

One comment, about the negative outcome ‘It did NOT cure him & therefore does not confirm it has any real therapeutic/medicinal value’ (paraphrased) BUT the commentator is obviously ignoring the 1000s of people overseas (& some in NZ) who are being prescribed Cannabis & extracts, that are working : Epilepsy, M-S, pain relief, chemotherapy & even cancer research etc. etc. etc.

I still have my fingers crossed that this issue has enough forward momentum, to keep rolling on :/

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