Research Block

When I first started looking into this issue (over a decade ago), I discovered that in the ‘bad old days’ of ‘Reefer Madness’ etc. the only money granted by the USA Govt. for drug research was to further ‘prove’ or confirm that they (mostly Cannabis) are bad. That prohibition was/is the only way to go !

Cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ is classified as a ‘Class C’ drug (illegal, but at the lower end of the harm spectrum) BUT in the USA (most countries follow them) it is deemed a ‘schedule 1 narcotic’ (alongside Heroin, LSD etc.) which means ‘most open to abuse/harm & of NO KNOWN Medicinal/therapeutic use or value’. This ‘rating’ still stands today. I recently read that there has been many calls from within the medical establishment to change this to ‘schedule 2’ or lower.. the main reason being :

1) all research grants/approvals, into its potential ‘benefits’ are still only given by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) whose main purpose is to enforce PROHIBITION
2) whilst it is a ‘schedule 1’ drug, the same attitude effectively stands, about only approving research to prove/confirm ‘it is BAD’
3) there is quite a body of evidence now, that it IS beneficial for treatment of Epilepsy, M-S, chemotherapy side effects etc. BUT most of the ‘official research’ is being conducted in countries like Israel, some in EU that allow it, Canada & even Australia

I read that many in the Int’l medical fraternity, believe that they are only scratching the surface, but as long as the ‘status quo’ continues.. it will continue at this very slow rate.

Of course in this country (NZ) we still haven’t got past the first hurdle (or two) & it is effectively at a standstill ! 😦

Come on Mr Obama.. “Yes we CAN(nabis) !”

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