Roaring Lion

I read that a 51 year old kiwi man, has recently been sentenced to 20 months jail for cultivating a ‘commercial quantity’ of cannabis.. BUT he went down as a ‘Roaring Lion’ (refusing to grovel before the ‘authority’ of the Judge !) presenting a ‘picture of defiance in the dock’.
The ‘offender’ said he was a regular user & ‘he had no intentions to change his lifestyle’.

The report says he had a ‘sophisticated’ growing operation with; lamps, thermostats, power boxes, control boxes, air-pumps & ducting. The police seized 38 cannabis plants, 151 cannabis cuttings drying in the garage & 1370 grams of cannabis heads in bags, under the house. An estimated (black-market) value of $53k

Whilst I do not support him ‘breaking the law’.. obviously had he been in Colorado, he could be seen as an ‘entrepreneur’ NOT a criminal. Again proving that there is a large ‘illegal’ market in Aotearoa/NZ & he saw a ‘market potential’ with his exploits. :/

“GRRRRR to the prohibition laws” says I&I 🙂

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2 Responses to Roaring Lion

  1. mywordnz says:

    It would be best to make it into a business model instead of allowing gangs and criminals to grow their empires this way.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx for comment.. I agree
      This is why the Drug war needs to end, because it creates Black-markets & the whole ‘criminal’ atmosphere around ‘Drugs’. 4 USA states, plus a few countries in EU are moving on & allowing a regulated, taxable market. Aotearoa/NZ could do the same, IF the politicians stopped ‘running scared’ & openly discussed it. “Kia Ora” 🙂

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