Drug War Harm

Most of what we read & hear about the ‘harm’ from Drugs & the main reason for this WAR.. is that the alleged effects of these illegal DRUGS (mostly cannabis) are supposedly causing to our societies. In recent times the evidence is increasingly that; it is the WAR itself, that is causing MORE harm, than the actual drugs ! (black-markets, gangsters, corruption, violent cartel wars etc.)
BUT there is also another harm coming to light : denying the research into potential cures/treatments & therapeutic benefits from Cannabis. Also here in Aotearoa/NZ almost totally denying access to the drugs/extracts, that are increasingly being made available overseas.

The issue being highlighted, that Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 ‘narcotic’ in USA (most open to abuse & NO known therapeutic/medicinal value/use). This is being increasingly challenged by doctors/clinicians & advocates for law reform. After 40 years of ‘WAR on DRUGS’, it is being widely stated that it IS a failure.. BUT the ‘power brokers’ still fear speaking out or even demanding real change. The real power still seems to be coming from those benefiting from the ‘status quo’ & therefore maintaining this ‘harm’ by denying medicinal access.

I read/hear that research is being done in other countries, into Cannabis’ use for :

1) Epilepsy (including children)
2) Multiple Sclerosis & other neurological diseases
3) relief of Chemotherapy side effects
4) pain relief specifically for arthritis & joint deterioration
5) phantom pain for amputees
6) as a general pain relief (gentler than opiates)

I recently read that there is research into Cancer, Hepatitis & now.. broken bones. Recent research has identified that the human body has a system that reacts to cannabinoids (Endocannabinoid system). The receptors in this system bond to the active ingredients in cannabis. These compounds not only act as a painkiller (from THC) but also as an anti-inflammatory (CBD) & other beneficial treatments. The DEA & other ‘bodies’ need to be told to ‘back off’ from the current misinformation & hysteria (they are pushing) that IS causing this harm, by effectively attempting to deny the use of cannabis for its GENUINE medicinal value. 😦

This NONSENSE; no longer washes with increasing numbers of Global citizens.. “Stand Up & be counted.. rattle the cages” !!!

If Possible; Shout it from the Roof-tops “Let FREEDOM Ring”

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