Private Disgrace

The current ‘right-wing’ Govt. of Aotearoa/NZ, are pushing the privatisation of publicly owned companies & even Govt. Dept./agencies. This has now gone as far as ‘private PRISONS’. A new fully private prison has just been completed.. BUT the trial was at the ‘Remand unit’ at NZs notorious Mount Eden ‘Correctional facility’. The operation was taken over by a UK contractor (not mentioning any name). Recent ‘activities’ have come to light (posted on the internet) & now shown on TV news.. including:

1) ‘Fight Clubs’
2) Alcohol home-brewing
3) Cannabis being smoked openly, at what looks like a party.
4) There was an inmate playing with a guard’s ‘walkie-talkie’
5) apparently an inmate recording a ‘music video’, which I hear has been posted online.

Is this the ‘vision’ that this Govt. really wants to portray, for their ‘new initiative’ ?

I have heard over the years, that many of the prisons are looking more like ‘holiday camps’ (costing the tax-payer $90-100k per year, to ‘house’ each inmate). Aotearoa/NZ has a very high rate of incarceration (specifically indigenous young Maori & Pacifika) per capita.. i believe, that aprox. 25-30% are ‘drug offenders’; surely this money would be better spent trying to keep these people out of prison, rather than promoting ‘warehousing for profit’.

The news report said that the Dept. had called in an ‘expert’ from Australia to take over the operation & get things ‘back on track’. BUT the real question is; ‘has this been going on for years & would it have just continued, had it not come to the attention of the media ?’ :/

Is this initiative a private prison or a ‘Private DISGRACE’ ?? 😦

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