UK priority

I read that one of Britain’s ‘Top Cops’ has announced that cannabis use & growing a few plants for adults personal use, in his area of responsibility, is no longer likely to be an arrestable ‘offence’. It also sounds like other regions, in UK are also taking this on board. The priority will be mainly on black-market commercial growers & suppliers.
I understand that the law has not officially been changed, but there are provisions in the law, to set priority levels (similar to Holland). In Holland, a similar approach has been taken for about 30 years; where the drug is still ‘officially’ illegal, but they turn a ‘blind eye’ to personal use, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself or break other laws, whilst ‘under the influence’. They take a harsh approach to supplying drugs to ‘minors’.

I understand that a similar approach could be taken here in Aotearoa/NZ, BUT the minister responsible for ‘Drug policy’ has again recently announced that it will not happen in the forseeable future (on his watch), effectively still ‘Zero-tolerance’. It is interesting that according to OECD reports, this country is seen as amongst the ‘least corrupt’ & yet we have amongst the highest levels of black-market drug use (per capita). I think it more likely, just being better covered up ! 😦

I’m seriously starting to think that Aotearoa/NZ could be the last ‘western country’ to consider any change, to these outdated/failed prohibition policies.

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