UK politics

I read that in-light of recent ‘priority reviews’ in UK, a petition was put up online; calling for ‘legalisation of cannabis in UK’. It says that they required 100,000 signatures, for the parliament to adopt & debate the issue. The report confirms that over 125k were received in just 4 days !
Of course, this is an action to ‘get the ball rolling’ & nothing definitive.

I have heard similar ideas discussed here in Aotearoa/NZ.. but recent smaller petitions have effectively been ‘brushed under the carpet’. I think we would need at least 10k to make the Govt. ‘sit up & take notice’ BUT the better option, would be a get over 10% (300k) of total voting population to trigger a national ‘Reefer-endum’ BUT again it is not binding & could well be just ignored, if NOT on the Govt. agenda (as others have been in the past, on other issues).

I await further news on the UK issues/outcomes.. Aotearoa/NZ is definitely falling behind the rest of the ‘western world’/OECD on this issue 😦

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