UK priority UPDATE

I read another press release; that three more UK police commanders have also said they will follow suit, with warnings for small amounts of cannabis for personal (adults only) use or a few plants. I recently saw a list of UK counties & answers from their ‘top cops’ on the issue. Many appear to say that ‘the law is the law’ (parliament needs to change it) BUT several also say that commercial growers & dealers are their priority.. warnings are an option for small amounts. It is unlikely that they will bring these ‘offenders’ before the courts (a waste of resources)

*I also read that Italy’s parliament is voting to allow a legal regulated market (in-line with other EU countries.)

The silence is pretty much ‘deafening’ here, with prohibition/zero-tolerance at the forefront. I did hear a while ago, that they were considering a ‘warnings’ trial.. BUT nothing further has been announced in recent times. I still remain convinced that ‘drug offenders’ will be the main ‘fodder’ for the new ‘private prison’ about to commence operation, south of Auckland ? 😦

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