Prohibition Shadow

I read on another site, that another USA Republican (standing for President in 2016) has come out & effectively told the people in those states, that have legal/regulated cannabis programs (including Medicinal) to “Enjoy it whilst you can !” as he (& others) are vowing to enforce the FEDERAL Laws, if they win the election. ie Stamp on the state legislation reforms
Of course, here in Aotearoa/NZ we are still heavily covered by the ‘shadow of prohibition’ BUT I do see similarities :

1) the most staunchly ‘ANTI’ cannabis law reformers are from the right-wing (inc. current Govt. in NZ)
2) there are often rumours, that their election campaigns receive large ‘donations’ from the industries that benefit from the status quo
3) often members of the senior ‘prohibition industry’ (Police, customs & corrections) are lobbyists & have financial interest in maintaining prohibition (often connected to the staunch right)

Whilst the Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ has stated ‘No relaxing of DRUG laws’ (in the forseeable future), the changes overseas are not being TOTALLY ignored.. BUT any about turn will just bolster, the status quo further. 😦

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