Tough Love

There is a series of TV ads running in Aotearoa/NZ for ‘Quit-line’ to help people quit smoking (tobacco). The Govt. has set an agenda to make NZ ‘smoke-free’ by 2025. Taking the very ‘softly.. softly’ approach..

BUT there is a total lack of anything similar for helping people quit ‘illegal drugs’. In fact, I heard a recent comment on the radio that the best way to deal with ‘drug addicts’ is by ‘TOUGH LOVE’ ie ring the Police & get them arrested/criminalised & then forced into rehab. (in prison ?)

Talk about a total Double-standard approach ! 😦

I often hear that it costs the NZ tax-payer $90-100k per year to keep an inmate in prison. I just think this money would be better spent on a similar ‘quit-line’ for these ‘Illegal DRUGS’ too (outside the criminal justice system).

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