From front-lines.. INJUSTICE

I read that a NZ mother of three children, was recently jailed for 2 years, found in possession of 684gms of cannabis (for supply) & 2 plants.
The ‘injustice’ being that her husband called the Police to report a violent ‘home invasion’ (3 armed men). When the police arrived to investigate the matter, they discovered the cannabis & arrested the couple. The woman took the blame & her husband was then dismissed. The ‘official defence’ was that the ‘offender’ was a regular user & did supply her friends with the drug, BUT claimed she had never sold any.

The woman was a member of the local arts & business community. The defence lawyer had presented many character references, including : a former mayor, a school principal & a church pastor. BUT obviously the judge was not swayed enough by this & sentenced her to a time ‘consistent with sentences imposed for similar offences’. The judge gave the woman credit for her ‘worthwhile contribution’ to the community. He also said “To say this sentencing has troubled me, is an understatement”. BUT he was ‘just doing his job’. The defence lawyer had asked for a term of community detention.. BUT the law has set an upper limit of 28gms (1 ounce) for personal use & the woman had over 24 times this amount !

Again.. in light of law reform occurring overseas.. this just highlights the effectively DRACONIAN ‘zero-tolerance’ approach in Aotearoa/NZ đŸ˜¦

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