World War 3D

When I was a kid.. the Cuban missile crisis was talked about as if it could have been the possible start of World War 3.. then came the Vietnam war (that drew in much of the world) BUT again was only a fairly short ‘conventional war’ & was not the start.. I remember my Mum telling me that after the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki (70 years ago, when she was a kid), many believed the likely start, would be with nuclear weapons.

BUT there has been a WW3 going this whole time.. the War on DRUGS !

At the root of WW3(D) has been the supposed objective of ‘ridding the world of DRUGS’ (but not Alcohol & Tobacco.. the biggest KILLERS) the estimates are that ‘illegal’ Drug use has probably increased globally over these decades. The other thing that seems apparent is the total escalation of financial costs to maintain it. BUT the one thing that is obvious:

1) People ARE dying.. also many countries (supposedly ‘free countries’) look more like ‘Police states’ & even battle-grounds

Is this what President Nixon had in mind, when he declared the War (in the midst of the Vietnam War) ?
Well he is dead & buried, so we can’t ask him.. BUT it does seem evident that there are some members/sectors of society, that are HAPPY to see it go on & on & on & on & on… ad nauseam ; with no apparent ‘Exit strategy’

so.. “WHY is this so ?”

In some places, they are looking at alternatives to WW3D & to fill the gap of any decline (in Afghanistan etc.) the War on terror is raging.

Someone once sang “War.. what is it good for.. absolutely nothing.. say it again !” BUT it does seem that we just have ‘War for war’s sake’ Nothing more, nothing less 😦

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