Sentencing inconsistency

Further to the case of the recently jailed (2 years) mother of 3, for cannabis possession ‘for supply’ (based on the quantity) BUT which she disputed & claimed was purely for her & friends personal use; even the judge had said ‘NO evidence of commercial dealing’.. the case is being appealed & there are online petition (729 signed, at last look) & facebook pages highlighting this. One thing that has come to light is the apparent Inconsistency in sentencing !

In a press release, another recently sentenced person (153 plants) got 12 months home detention. This person said it is ‘Absolutely disgusting’ to see the disparity in these two cases.

I also read that some community projects, have ground to a halt since her incarceration. She was deeply involved in her local arts & business community.

I have been reading other comments on a political blog.. the majority seem to also think that the sentence was extremely ‘draconian’. There were others who questioned whether the amount she had, was really for ‘personal use’. Others said she was ‘just silly’ etc.
BUT one thing is clear to I & I : the law puts the upper limit of cannabis at 28grams (1 ounce) for personal use, BUT that does not take into account the time frame that it can be used for. This lady had 24 ounces.. but over a one year period, that is only 2 ounces per month. This seem quite reasonable to me.

As I’ve said this really just highlights the outdated, draconian, zero-tolerance approach that Police, Judiciary & politicians in Aotearoa/NZ seem to still consider; OK.
The other thing that others have mentioned is that her 3 young children are also now suffering, due to this case 😦

“What do we want ? LAW REFORM.. when do we want it ? NOW !!!”

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