To Bong or not to Bong

I read that some old smoking pipes were recently found in the garden of a house, that previously belonged to the famous play-write : William Shakespeare. Chemical analysis of the contents show traces of cannabis & coca. The obvious misinformation is that this is being portrayed in the modern ‘prohibitionist’ sense.. BUT cannabis & coca have only been covered by the global bans since the 20th century.

This is (to my mind) one of the greatest pieces of Drug misinformation.. that many people seem to think these ‘drugs’ have always been this way (‘illegal’).. WRONG. Cannabis was one of the most widely used medicinal plant & its ‘recreational’ uses were also well-known in much of the world from about the 16th century. According to many historical records; many of the world’s greatest writers & poets in the last 300 years or so, probably indulged in these drugs, as inspiration & to broaden their perceptions. There is clear evidence in stories like : Alice in Wonderland (‘hookah’ smoking caterpillar) & Lord of the Rings (Gandalf the Wizard smokes magical ‘pipe weed’) etc. etc.

Many of the most famous writers of the 18-19th centuries were members of cannabis/drug clubs.. the most well documented was the ‘Hashish club of Paris’. 🙂

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