Something odd

I have been reading more ‘stuff’ about the recent jailing of the NZ mother of 3, for cannabis possession.. not only does there appear to be an inconsistency in her sentencing : 2 years jail, whilst other examples are being given of ‘home detention’ & even a couple being discharged after paying a ‘large donation’ to the Salvation Army (discharged without conviction) ..they reportedly had a larger quantity.

I read on a blog, that this lady may have been ‘rocking the boat’ (politically) & ‘the powers that be’ (to maintain the status quo) wanted to get rid of the problem ?

These are only ‘hints & rumors’ BUT it has been often & widely alleged that there is a ‘Grand conspiracy’ to maintain cannabis prohibition, at any cost to society.. by those who are benefiting from it; ie Prohibition industry (Police, Judiciary, Customs & Corrections/Prisons) & other ‘legal drug’ companies etc.

I still hear that Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest levels of ‘illegal cannabis use’ in the WORLD (according to UN reports) BUT very little is heard about efforts to address this.. other than ‘more of the same’ (lock ’em up) 😦

There seems to be very little political will to change from the status quo & now it sounds like those who are trying to, maybe being ‘dealt with’ by the REAL power !

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