Record still stuck

I read in the media that the newly appointed DEA chief (USA) recently announced ‘Heroin is clearly more dangerous than Marijuana’ (going against all their previous rhetoric).. BUT the ‘record is still stuck’ evidenced by the fact that Cannabis is still listed in USA as a ‘schedule 1 narcotic’ : most open to abuse & no known medicinal value/use (even though about half of their states now allow this)

Whilst there are clearly moves in some countries to allow medicinal use of cannabis & even personal use too.. there are still widespread media reports highlighting ‘new evidence’ that apparently ‘confirms’ the old negative stereotypical misinformation : causes mental illness, gateway to ‘Hard DRUGS’ & is associated with ‘criminality’ etc. etc. They rarely state the other view that it is Prohibition that is causing most of the harm to society.

At the height of the ‘Reefer Madness’ days, the ‘La Guardia commission’ released its report (1944) into scientific findings on cannabis use. The report effectively refuted all the ‘official’ (mis)information. At the height of Nixon’s ‘WAR on DRUGS’ rhetoric, the Shaffer commission was setup (by Nixon in 1972) to justify the ‘zero-tolerance’ approach.. BUT they reported back that ‘it was NOT justified’. Both of these reports were ‘shelved’ & in fact, I hear that they were destroyed & ‘officially denied’.

I also read that Nixon & several later USA Presidents stated that the only funding that would be available into Drug research (Cannabis mainly) would be to PROVE it IS harmful & support the prohibition !!

Of course even if the record is still stuck, we do other options : get another ‘record’ OR just stop listening to it :/

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