Drug ‘assisted’ ?

I read that the No.1 men’s tennis player, complained to the umpire at a recent tournament in Canada “Someone is smoking weed, I can smell it, I’m getting dizzy, somebody is getting high, can you smell it ? the whole place smells of it..” I believe he went on to win the match.. maybe Drug ‘assisted’ ?

In an interview, he went on to say “You can’t believe how bad it was. Whoever it is, I hope he doesn’t come back tomorrow. He’s probably on the seventh sky somewhere..” he also said that he had smelt it, the day before at his doubles match.

Whilst I guess this could be concern to some.. with the increased ‘relaxing’ of cannabis/drug laws in North America & Europe etc. this could become a more regular thing. They might have to declare ‘Toke-free zones’ 🙂 LOL

I wonder if anyone complained about the alcohol being consumed or the advertising.. funding many sports events ?

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