Another MP says “NO”

I watched the latest episode of ‘Back Benches’ (NZ Politics in the Pub) last evening. They had one Govt. MP, one Labour/opposition MP & one Green MP on the discussion panel. One item of discussion, was “does Aotearoa/NZ have an excessive drinking culture ?” It was fairly unanimous that ‘Yes we do’, especially amongst young adults. The topic of ‘other drugs’ was not really part of the discussion, BUT there are often cannabis law reformers, present in the pub, when they film the show; (waving signs) & this often brings it into the conversation. The Green MP said that she did not really drink alcohol (seemed to be sipping water or soft drink) BUT the host replied “BUT, did you smoke the ‘the hobbit weed’ back in the seventies ?” which she just avoided. She did say that she had lived on a commune in those days. This highlighted the fact that the ‘Coromandel peninsula’ is still renowned for its ‘hippy & alternative lifestyle’ culture. The Govt. MP just happens to be, the local MP for that area & was asked “would you support, local/regional law reform ?” to which he gave an emphatic; “NO !”

This just shows why Aotearoa/NZ is lagging, so far behind the rest of the ‘western world’ on this.. we supposedly have amongst the highest levels of cannabis use (per capita) BUT there is very little political will to address it (beyond the ‘more of the same’; status quo). They all just run scared from the issue… many denying having ever used or even any knowledge of it ! (B-S) 😦
**Roll on 2017 (next election)

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