What will it take ?

As the years go by & the WAR on DRUGS, just drags on (44 years) so far.. I have to ask myself, “SO… what will it take, to end this ?”

Its seems that there is NO ‘official Exit strategy‘ (at least in NZ) & to some it appears; is not intended to ever end ??

BUT there are a few options :

1) mass demonstrations.. storm the ‘corridors of power’

2) public petitions & referendum

3) MASS civil disobedience.. 420

4) ‘fight back’.. THEY declared WAR on us & our life-style (I would not advocate violence.. BUT… war is WAR !)

It seems that there is evidence that Cannabis does have genuine MEDICINAL VALUE & is supposedly exempt from prohibition, under the UN Conventions.. BUT here in Aotearoa/NZ there is still effectively ‘ZERO-Tolerance’ to any uses of the natural herb for ANY purposes.

I read that in Canada, they have allowed Medicinal use since 2001 & a recent poll shows over 65% support ‘decriminalisation of recreational use’. In USA about half the states allow Med-use & 4 or 5 (& increasing) allow Rec-use. Quite a few EU countries allow Med-use &/or Rec-use & even Australia has decriminalised rec-use in several states & are set to commence medicinal clinical trials of ‘the herb’ too.. BUT; Here in NZ we have ‘Sativex’ (only IF approved at the highest level) & despite many polls clearly showing a large majority DO support law reform.. it is just going NOWHERE fast ! I read that the ‘Psychoactive substances act’ is set to be revised (to allow SYNTHETICS ?).. BUT the minister excluded any drugs currently BANNED under the current laws (inc. Natural Cannabis) 😦

“APATHY is the enemy of DEMOCRACY !!”

Its 2015.. next year is the UNGASS, fingers crossed the UN will call the ARMISTICE ? :/

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