Pot movie

I was flipping channels last evening & came across a movie called : ‘We’re the Millers’

The basic plot-line.. a small-time USA Pot dealer is robbed by a gang of ‘street thugs’ & loses his stash & all his cash. In order to settle his debt to the local ‘Mr. Big’ he agrees to act as ‘Drug Mule’ & go to Mexico & pick-up ‘some weed’ & bring it back to USA. He gets the idea to play the role of a ‘geeky’ middle class family on holiday in a camper van. He makes a deal with a local stripper (to play his wife, played by the lovely; Ms. Aniston), a young neighbour (to play his son) & a homeless girl (to play his daughter). They pickup the weed, from an armed compound & drive the 2 tonnes of cannabis (packed in every part of the camper van) back across the border. There is a scene of a ‘hippy’ being caught with a joint & being bashed by the border guards. The dogs are barking & the guards are about to search their van, when a group of Mexicans jump out from underneath & are chased by the guards. The ‘Millers’ are then told to drive on, across the border. On the way home they meet up with another family in a camper van & spend the night ‘camping out’.. the father turns out to be a DEA agent. After they get the weed back to the ‘Mr. Big’ he reneges on the deal.. this ends with a squad of the DEA (in full body armour & weapons) led by the guy they met, smashing into the property & arresting ‘Mr. Big’
The closing scene: ‘The Millers’ are living as ‘a family’ in a big house (under the informant protection program) as they pan away.. you see a line of ‘plants’ growing along the fence-line.. LOL

Whilst the movie ended with a big BUST.. it clearly shows that the USA are seeing this previously ‘taboo’ issue in a ‘lighter’ & comedic way now 🙂

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