Sending wrong message

I read that in reaction to an online petition in UK (over 200,000 calling for cannabis law reform) that will trigger a debate in parliament.. the Govt has already issued a damning response: The latest report says “Cannabis can unquestionably cause harm to individuals and society. Legalisation of cannabis would not eliminate the crime committed by the illicit trade, nor would it address the harms associated with drug dependence and the misery that this can cause to families.” & also this “Legalisation would also send the wrong message to the vast majority of people who do not take drugs, especially young and vulnerable people, with the potential grave risk of increased misuse of drugs.”
In countries that have allowed cannabis law reform.. they have not found these things occurring; massive increase in use & misery/misuse OR the sky falling ! (its just B-S)

This is the same old rhetoric that has been put forward since the WAR began in 1971. It is nothing new.. we hear the same CRAP here in Aotearoa/NZ. I’m not saying that some of the ‘sentiment’ of these words is totally incorrect, BUT I do know one thing for sure; PROHIBITION is not the way to reduce drug use of the harm associated with it. Education, treatment & strict, adults only regulation (similar to alcohol) is..

To my way of thinking, it is Govts. that are sending the ‘Wrong Message’; that regardless of the majority of ‘voting age citizens’ calling for it (most polls & estimates show, well over 50% & as high as 70% or more.. support some kind of cannabis/drug law reform) BUT they just are NOT listening. This again leads me to wonder ‘SO.. who are they listening to ?’ :/

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