Two sides to this

A while ago, I downloaded some maps from the Internet, showing the legal status of cannabis across much of the world.. they show the general distribution of Medicinal cannabis & also ‘other personal uses’. These fall into a few categories : Legal, Decrim., Illegal/not enforced, ILLEGAL & No info. For the purpose of this post, I will roughly break it into two generic classes :
1) Legal/Decrim./Not enforced (ie some level of reform)
2) effectively Illegal (ie Zero-tolerance)

Group 1
Canada, about half of the USA, Most of Sth America, about half of Europe, Southern Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Russia, North Korea, Philippines, about half of Australian states, Greenland, parts of UK, parts of Scandinavia

Group 2
Other USA states, France, some part of Scandinavia, parts of Eastern Europe, a few countries in Sth America, much of the ‘Middle East’, China, Japan, much of Sth East Asia, some states in Australia, NEW ZEALAND

Looking briefly at the ‘colours’ on the map.. the parts in RED are those still ILLEGAL & only probably now make up less than half of the world. There does appear to be a definite move away from ZERO-tolerance.. but the last country listed, is just going ‘NOWHERE, FAST !’ (ie my ‘home town’) 😦

In light of the information coming from those parts of the world that are allowing either Medicinal or Personal use OR do not enforce Zero-tolerance, it has become apparent that all the ‘horror stories’ about the end of the world as we know it, have NOT come to light & in fact there is evidence that crime rates have decreased, access to drug treatment has increased & corruption etc. has also declined ! What does this say about countries like : Aotearoa/NZ ? I’ll leave that to the reader..

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