Nothing was learned

Most people who grew up in a country that has the Judeo-Christian Bible OR even the Muslim Qur’an (Koran) have probably heard the story of Adam & Eve.. their fall from ‘Grace’. The basic story-line goes: God created the Heaven & Earth in six days & on the sixth day he created Adam (the first man) & from his rib, he made Eve. God placed Adam & Eve in the ‘Garden of Eden’ & told them “you may freely eat of the trees.. but of the fruit of the ‘knowledge of good & evil’ you may NOT eat..” the story goes on to say Eve was ‘tempted’ by the serpent (aka Lucifer/Satan/the Devil) & did eat of it & gave some to Adam too.. this is recorded as the first ‘Sin’. The result of this SIN was that ‘their eyes were opened & they became like GOD.. knowing both good & evil’. This raises all sorts of questions about ‘what was their mental state prior to eating the fruit etc.’ (were they asleep or in a dream-state ?) One thing is certain.. this was the first ‘recorded Prohibition of a plant‘. Just like a few prohibited plants today, the ‘mystique’ created by the words ‘Don’t Touch’ is just too much, for most to heed. God apparently did give us ‘Free Will’ !
God went on to boot them out of the garden.. into the world (of sin ?)

Role on several thousand (or million) years.. (depending on what you choose to believe) to 1919 & a campaign in USA was introduced (by men); another Prohibition, against Alcohol. The same result occurred : (man was tempted by SIN) organised crime, gangsters, violence & corrupt ‘officials’. Again the ‘mystique’ apparently; attracted many to break the prohibition. BUT again did we learn from this ?
In 1933 the USA Govt. repealed the Prohibition law as a ‘FAILURE’ & introduced a regime of Legal regulation.

Role on a few more years & Harry Anslinger (USA Drug Czar) started the campaign that led to global Cannabis Prohibition.. some have compared this plant to the ‘Tree of Knowledge’. But as per the old saying “those who do NOT learn from the mistakes of the past, are doomed to repeat them” & repeat them we have 😦
SO.. where to now ? ..not wishing to sound like I’m preaching.. BUT; ‘here endeth the lesson’ :/

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