Frontline Crazy

I read that an ‘over-zealous’ Texan (USA) SWAT team, raided an organic farm/commune & ripped up their large crop of (wait for it) organic TOMATOES ! (supposedly looking for illegal cannabis)

The report says that; a team of 15-20 officers raided the farm called ‘Garden of Eden’, on a hunch that these ‘hippies’ had to be growing cannabis.. the story goes on to say that the commune residents are intending to sue the city of Arlington, for breaching their civil rights. It says that they allege, the Police conducted the unreasonable search & seizure raid, based on ‘questionable intelligence’ (or lack of any intelligence).

I see similar things here in Aotearoa/NZ.. stories of large squads raiding properties & seizing a couple of plants, often being grown for ‘medicinal’ or personal purposes; BUT this has to be the first time I’ve heard anything quite so RIDICULOUS, bordering on ‘Frontline CRAZINESS’ :/

I would presume that most Police know what cannabis looks like ??

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