Another ballot ?

I read that there is a group in Florida USA, committed to getting Cannabis law reform onto the ballot in 2016 !
It says that they failed to get medicinal use passed in 2014.. but maybe with increasing levels of support in most states & in other ‘western countries’ they hope to see it pass.

I pasted this from the news item:
‘The “Florida Cannabis Act” proposes legalizing pot and regulating it like alcohol. It would allow anyone 21 or older to purchase and possess up to an ounce of marijuana and, if licensed, grow up to six plants at home.’ (Sounds reasonable to me too)

also this quote from one of the group: ‘..criminalizing marijuana has only led to an extremely expensive, failed “war on drugs” — a distraction from more important problems. “We know that since the 1970s, when cannabis criminalization had become a prime focus for the government, that it has done nothing,” he says. “It has not reduced use in all these years. Meanwhile, you look at places like Colorado and other states that have passed a law like this, that there has been a reduction in suicides, a reduction in traffic fatalities, and a reduction in opiate use.” ‘

Its time that reason & common sense DID actually prevail over; Hysteria, Misinformation & outright LIES.. I wish them well ! :/

I just wished that Aotearoa/NZ had separate voting legislatures (states or provinces).. it may be an ‘easier’ way to get reform here too ?

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