Yet another NZ Poll

I read that the NZ Herald newspaper conducted a ‘digi-poll’ on cannabis in August.. here are the results :

1) Wanted medicinal use only, under strict conditions – 70%
2) Wanted it kept illegal for all uses – 15%
3) Wanted it legalised for all uses – 13%

* the other 2% were perhaps ‘don’t know’ ?

The minister responded “The reason I’ve been interested in exploring the medicinal cannabis aspect is reflective of that type of feeling.”
* BUT he has said on many occasions that he will not allow ‘leaf cannabis’ (natural bud) to be made available & would only consider pharmaceutical extracts or synthetics chemical compounds (cannabinoids) eg Sativex (already available under VERY strict conditions)

In March, (the Minister) told the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna that evidence of the benefits of medicinal cannabis was underwhelming, and he stuck by that statement. “There’s not a great deal of evidence around, there are trials being undertaken … but hard evidence as to beneficial impact is difficult to come by… ”

Methinks he has a very blinkered view on this.. effectively ignoring the other OECD/western countries that are already allowing cannabis to be used both medicinally & for personal use.

The other comment; ‘allowing medicinal use, is the thin edge of the wedge to recreational use’ – SCARE-MONGERING & misinformation.. plain & simple

There was also surprise at the low number who seemed to support ‘ALL uses’ (inc. Rec-use) at only 13%

There is apparently support from the two largest ‘opposition’ parties, BUT the main hurdle is still the current ‘ruling party’ in Govt. who appear opposed to any law reform ? 😦

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