MPs reply

I wrote to a ‘opposition MP’ (who I believe supports Cannabis Law reform) yesterday, to ask for his opinion on the most recent poll.. 83% support law reform (Medicinal or other). At the end of my email I suggested he ask the minister :
“Why are you effectively ignoring 83% of the people, who want to see Cannabis law reform ?”
* Also many other OECD countries (USA, Canada, EU, Aust. etc.) that are now, either allowing or trialling Medicinal Cannabis (natural herb) under licensed cultivation & supply. It is a health issue NOT a crime ! (get off the fence)

Surprisingly; I got a quick reply from the MP.. (but he thought I was accusing him of ‘being on the fence’).. he commented:

‘We are most assuredly not “on the fence”. We strongly support Cannabis law reform (and, indeed, wider drug law reform). Our policy is being updated at the moment and will reflect that position.’ & followed with this ‘I think there are at least two significant problems right now. One is that the composition of Parliament has a clear conservative majority, so any reform proposal that is put up is very likely to be defeated (and will probably set back the next attempt at reform). The second is that the “cannabis law reform” movement is very fragmented and has capability gaps.’

He finished with this: ‘My prediction is that putting public pressure on the Minister (by asking the question you suggest)is more likely to reverse the progress that has been made with him, rather than persuading him to make more.’

I tend to agree with his comments & was glad to actually get a response.. BUT it does sound like he is saying “let sleeping dogs lie !”
It also sounds like maybe a change of Govt. in 2017 could bring a change of drug law in Aotearoa/NZ.. (fingers crossed) :/

I replied to this MP by assuring him my ‘get off the fence’ comment was aimed at the current minister, not him.. BUT I do not agree about ‘sleeping dogs’ (my words) & think it is time to ‘Rattle the cages’ & remind these ‘people in power’ that they are put there by ‘WE the PEOPLE’ & not for them; ‘the Politicians’ !!

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