Call me Dave

I see from the Int’l media that an ‘unauthorised biography’ of the current UK prime minister has just been published, titled ‘Call me Dave’

I hear that there are some allegations; including Illegal DRUG use at University – Cannabis & Cocaine ? (sounds like some recent USA Presidents)

This is interesting, in light of the pending/upcoming debate scheduled for the UK parliament: to debate Cannabis laws in October.. I hear that the PMs party have already made it clear, that they will not support any law reform (similar to the right-wing Govt. & PM, here in Aotearoa/NZ).
More evidence of HYPOCRISY ‘do as I say, not as I do‘.. I wonder how long before we hear echoes of Pres. Bill Clinton.. ‘I tried it, BUT I didn’t inhale.. MAN !’ (B-S) :/

I find it interesting that the often stated estimates are, that over 50% of adults (in most western countries) have probably tried Cannabis or other illegal drugs & about 15-20% likely used on a more regular basis.. BUT close to 100% of politicians deny ever trying any illegal drugs’ !? 😦

** maybe it could have been re-titled : ‘Dave’s not here.. man !’ 🙂

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