Frontline Drug Test

I saw a short news story, last evening.. Drug Tests; BUT not the expected/usual thing:
A lady has been attending music festivals etc. & setting up a testing facility.. not to see if attendees are using ‘DRUGS’ but to test the content of the drugs being taken. Most of the tabs/pills sold at these events are called ‘Ecstasy’ (E) but her testing regime discovered that, of 23 tests conducted at one event.. only 3 were anything approaching MDMA. The other 20 were amphetamines, even ‘bath salts’ &/or other ‘white powders’ etc. This is the nature of buying ‘illegal drugs’ on the Black-market (esp. tabs, pills & powders).. you have to take the word of the ‘dealer’ that what they are selling, is what they say it is. Of course Cannabis is different & can be usually identified by its appearance & smell.

A doctor (who recently called for legal regulation in Aotearoa/NZ) was interviewed & stated that this was causing many of the admissions to A&E depts. People take a pill, believing it to be MDMA/Ecstasy & it is not.. often having negative, adverse reactions.. causing convulsions or even death !
He did state that actual MDMA is far less harmful than the No. 1 & 2 causes of harm (Tobacco & Alcohol)

Surely if Govts. really want laws to reduce ‘drug-related harm’ then they would ditch Prohibition (as a failure) & implement LEGAL REGULATION as a safer/rational option.. at least users will get a guarantee of what they are buying/taking. :/

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