Action – Drug Policy

Reading through the NZ Govt. recently released ‘New’ Drug Policy.. I see on page 22 (Action for 2015/16) first item is : Develop a NZ position for United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS 2016).
Reading through the rest of the document, it seems that their whole focus is ‘through the lenses of Prohibition‘. This leads I&I to believe that they are already intending to say “Maintain the Status Quo” !
All activists & advocates for law reform, should be screaming “NO” at this point.

At the UN meeting in Vienna this year, the NZ minister (responsible for Drug policy) reportedly stated that ‘the evidence for medicinal use is UNDERWHELMING’ & I understand that he has not really changed his view. He (& other Govt. MPs) have stated often ‘No relaxing of Drug laws’ & specifically ‘Leaf Cannabis will not be made available for Medicinal use or any other uses’ (paraphrased).

The policy does make it clear that there is a definite schism in drug policy : talks about ‘Alcohol & OTHER DRUGS’; Alcohol is legal & the ‘others’ are not. It sounds like regardless of ‘the evidence’ against.. this Govt. is not intending to take an even-handed approach & look at the issues on a ‘level playing field’. The other thing that sticks out is that TOBACCO (most harmful) is not mentioned in the policy.

SO.. I&I are calling on all kiwis, who want to see Cannabis Law reform to.. write to, email OR send up a ‘smoke signal’ to this Minister & let him & this Govt. know, that developing a NZ position for UNGASS 2016 does mean: “NOT maintaining the Status Quo” & looking at the changes already occurring overseas. (also other pro-law reformers around the world, to do likewise)
The ‘Big Stick’ approach is a failure & we need to look for more feasible WORKABLE options instead ! :/
Time is running short people.. stand up & be counted NOW !!

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