I just watched a TV doco.: a British journo. investigating the latest ‘Drug craze’ in Thailand. Apparently being taken by many foreign/western tourists. The drug is locally called ‘Ya-Ba’ (amphetamine tablets). In my recent post, I mentioned that many ‘E’ tabs tested, are often similar drugs.. not MDMA. The journo. highlighted the following issues :

1) about half of young Thais have probably tried the drug
2) estimates are, only about 10% is ever seized by police
3) the tabs are made to smell sweet (vanilla) to attract young people.. look like ‘sweets’
4) Police were rounding up Thai young men (en-mass)& forcing them to give urine samples.
5) most did NOT test positive. BUT; those testing positive faced jail, treatment & boot-camps (run by military)
6) Inmates in boot-camps were locked up, for up to 4 months
7) the drug caused many to get aggressive & violent. Long term use often led to hallucinations, psychosis & even schizophrenia
8) the Police chief claimed that the current arrest & prosecute system was effective. The journo. was not convinced.
9) she was granted written permission to talk to British inmates at ‘the Bangkok Hilton’ (infamous prison) BUT on arrival was denied access. No one wanted to be filmed. It was claimed that it could be bad for the tourist trade, to do so.
10) she interviewed a local bar-man, who said that many foreign tourists, bought ‘Ya-Ba’ in his bar, alongside alcohol.. very widespread.

Whilst it was stated that ‘Ya-Ba’ is a ‘new drug craze’ in Thailand.. amphetamines are NOT: world-wide
I just wonder if this is what made Fred Flintstone declare “Ya-Ba Da-Ba Do !” :/

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