Further concession

I read that another Ex-Cop (UK) has come out & is to head a pro-law reform group : National Cannabis Coalition. (sounds similar to LEAP) This is exactly what the movement needs.. those fighting on the front-lines to concede that the Drug war is plain WRONG or a failure. I read the following comments (pasted from the report) :

“When you think about arresting somebody who is in possession of drugs, are you really catching a criminal?
“When it came to law enforcement I think I caused more harm than good.”

“There is a deeper message and that message gets clouded and subverted by the vested interests and it’s to some extend ridiculed,”
“I feel that we have got the opportunity to show that we are people who are very sincere and credible, with a lot of valid information.”

“The world is changing: Uruguay has now legalised it; you have got legal production in states in America; in half the states you can get medicinal cannabis. America is a very powerful player.”

“It’s difficult to draw a line between what might be medicinal use and what becomes what we call recreational use, because anybody who wants to consume cannabis to de-stress is doing something which is probably an improvement to their health. I don’t think there is a distinction between the two.”

The report also mentions the scheduled, parliament debate in October. BUT the generally agreed belief is that their politicians are not willing to change the law YET. Again shades of ‘King Canute, trying to stop the tide rising’ 😦

Whilst quite a few in the Pro-law reform movement see the ‘Govt. Drug warriors’ (police) as the enemy.. it increasingly looks like some of them are switching sides ! 🙂

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