Policy Rebuttal

I read the NZ Cannabis Party has put out a Press release to rebut the Govt. ‘new’ Drug Policy. Here is a flavour of the issues (from their post) :

‘The New Zealand Government’s new drug policy is out of step with international best practice… ‘

‘New Zealand’s drug policy is a throw-back to racist 20th century hysteria…’

‘The policy makes no distinction between low-risk substances like cannabis… & alcohol’

‘The policy fails to achieve its goal of harm minimisation… ‘

‘New Zealand’s drug policy assumes that New Zealanders are not even capable of making their own free choices… ‘

‘The New Zealand Government would be foolish to continue its head-in-the-sand approach… ‘

If you are interested, you can go to the party’s website or ‘Scoop media’, to read the whole press release.
I think we need to keep reminding this Govt. about many recent polls that have found: over 70% of kiwis support some level of law reform ! :/

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