Pot-Free NZ

I keep hearing that the Govt. are pushing for a smoke-free NZ by 2025 (tobacco).. BUT there has been an official ‘Pot-Free policy’ here since at least 1975 (current legislation passed into law).. I read in the latest media reports; a man in the north island has just been busted with a growing operation (500 cannabis plants) under lights in a warehouse. The Police & media make a big deal of it & would have us believe that ‘large scale’ manufacture/cultivation of ‘DRUGS’ is their priority.. BUT I still understand that about 70% of busts are small amounts for personal use (less than 1 ounce). Whilst many OECD/western countries are decriminalising or legally regulating cannabis; Aotearoa/NZ is still pushing the ZERO-TOLERANCE approach.. even arresting people for 1 or 2 grams.

Of course the joke is; that NZ still maintains this draconian policy, whilst supposedly having amongst the highest levels of use, per capita in the world(according to UN reports). When are the ‘power brokers’ going to pull their heads out of the sand & get over this nonsense ? 😦

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