For those who think I’ve done a 180 turn.. “NO, I have not !”; BUT I do think we need to ban the word ‘Marijuana’ (or ‘Marihuana’) from ‘official’ use, by anyone who is serious about Pro-CANNABIS Law reform. It was used by the propaganda machine of Anslinger & the ‘reefer madness’ demonisers, to confuse the issue & make the populous think it was a ‘new Mexican drug’ (slang name) : Assassin of youth, Plant with roots in Hell etc. when in fact, the CANNABIS plant (aka Hemp) was widely used & known for its medicinal, industrial & recreational properties.. without the hysterical B-S that was rammed into the public psyche, by the Hearst newspapers etc.

Even today much of this propaganda is still going around, 70 years later !
I find it interesting, that many people who support the ‘status quo’ (Prohibition industry, Politicians etc.) seem to still use the word.. maybe so brainwashed that they don’t realise the reality OR are doing it deliberately to maintain the : LIES & MISINFORMATION that some still take as ‘truths’ ? 😦

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