Still Schedule 1

I read that the new DEA (USA federal drug agency) chief has finally conceded that Cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’) is less harmful than Heroin.. BUT he still refuses to accept any change to its legal status; Still Schedule 1 (most open to abuse & NO known medicinal or therapeutic use/value).. this IS, in the same category as Heroin !
Here in Aotearoa/NZ, we have 3 categories/classes of ‘illegal drugs’; A,B,C. Heroin is Class A & Cannabis is Class C (also accepting that cannabis IS less harmful). All are supposedly exempt/allowed for genuine medicinal purposes, BUT in the eyes of the law.. NZ has a similar approach to DEA, regarding the medicinal use of cannabis (Sativex – pharmaceutical extract, only if approved at the highest level) Whilst many recent polls show over 70% of kiwis support allowing medicinal use, our Govt. (‘in their wisdom’) choose to effectively ignore this; with natural cannabis herb.

BUT; to the rational mind you have to ask yourself:
“Why are half the USA states, all Canadian provinces, many EU countries, countries in Sth America, Australia, Israel etc. now either trialling or allowing, the herb to be used for its medicinal/therapeutic value ?” Surely this says the opposite; that the plant does have genuine medicinal value, as was known for 1000s of years, prior to the 20th century !

Cannabis is clearly suitable at least as a general pain relief (if nothing else); more effective than paracetamol or aspirin & less addictive than opiates. I cannot get it on prescription, BUT have used it ‘illegally’ on some occasions to relieve my lower back pain… it works !

I look forward to UNGASS 2016.. hopefully more rational, less hysterical minds (nor ‘clearly agenda driven’) will prevail. I for one am not holding my breath though :/

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