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When I watch NZ parliament on TV, I keep an eye/ear on the procedures as well as the content of the debate. The thing that I find a bit confusing : if an MP requests to ‘move a motion’ or ‘table a document’ (to highlight an issue).. it only takes objection from ONE other MP (effectively requiring 100% support).. & the motion or tabling is denied. I often feel that this covers the issue of Cannabis law reform here too. When you hear that recent polls show 70-80% or more; support some level of Cannabis law reform, BUT the parliament effectively ignores it (recent released ‘new’ Govt. policy.. still through the lenses of prohibition) it appears to clarify/confirm this.

Further; I attended a local street market, several months ago.. I was on a stall selling T-shirts etc. & to promote law reform & education. I was running a survey on the issues: 100% of respondents, said they support Medicinal use & law reform & 88% supported some move to regulate personal (adults only) use too. BUT the thing that struck me was the people who refused to even engage. One old lady said she was very supportive & admitted trying it ‘back in the sixties’.. BUT another just sneered at me & muttered something about ‘filthy, dirty stuff’. I guess the ‘demonisers’ did their work well, to make some still believe that Cannabis is SO bad, that some people will not even listen or discuss it… at all !

I do often wonder whether it will take a large poll, that states 100% of kiwis DO SUPPORT Cannabis law reform.. before these ‘power brokers’ will allow it to happen, here in Aotearoa/NZ ?
The minister responsible, is on record as saying (on numerous occasions) “No relaxing of DRUG laws in the forseeable future !” 😦

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