For OR Against

It still seems that Cannabis Law reform in Aotearoa/NZ (& around the rest of the world) is an uphill battle, mainly due to those still Against :

For :
1) mainly those who use the drug, either Medicinally OR Recreationally
2) those who have tried it & agree that prohibition is a failure
3) supporters of medicinal use (even those who do not use it)

Against :

1) PROHIBITION INDUSTRY (Police, Customs, Judiciary, Prisons/’Corrections’); estimates are that about 30% of their budgets/income relies upon DRUG prohibition (mostly Cannabis) to ensure their continued employment. Further; about 50% of all ‘first offences’ are apparently ‘drug related’.
2) Lawyers, who ‘defend’ arrested/charged ‘drug offenders’. According to many, they rarely recommend pleading ‘NOT GUILTY’.. thereby supporting the current regime of ‘convicting & punishing’.
3) Politicians who have the authority to reform the laws, but are apparently more concerned about staying ‘in power’ (by following their powerful supporters) rather than ‘doing the right thing’ by the majority (who support law reform).
4) Black-market gangsters/dealers, who have a lot to lose, if arrested.. BUT also have a lot to lose; financially IF their MAJOR source of income become legally regulated.

There is also another group : the brainwashed & ignorant, who still actually believe the propaganda, lies & misinformation that was used to make the drug illegal & refuse to accept anything else 😦

btw; I fit into the FOR group 🙂

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