Power behind Prohibition

In addition to the list of those, who obviously promote prohibition.. there are numerous hints & allegations of the real ‘power’ behind the prohibitionists :

1) ‘Big Pharma’ – pharmaceutical industries that have almost total control of the manufacture & supply of DRUGS

2) Legal DRUG companies : Big Alcohol & Big Tobacco, who also risk losing ‘market share’ IF cannabis & other drugs are legally regulated

3) Textile industries (cotton) – that have the largest market share: Jeans (originally made from hemp). Big user of chemical pesticides & fertilisers.

4) Paper from wood-chips – also risk losing profits to a revitalised Hemp industry. Huge user of chemicals, massive pollutants.

5) Petrochemical industries – producers of petrol, oil & other petrochemicals from fossil fuels, these could also be made from Hemp or similar hydrocarbons grown from annual farm crops

According to sources, many of these industries are on record, as having given large donations to Political campaigns (parties that promote continuation of the status quo)

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